Trey Songz - Missing You

He told me about this song and I listened to it, and was on the floor crying before I got out of my towel


Well, at least I have nothing to look forward to


Spontaneous saline combustion

Can't find the fucking ice cream scoop with all these tears in my eyes.
The amaretto & cream wore off so now, to drown my worries and maybe-sorrows in Neapolitan ice cream.
I don't even want ice cream, I want my boyfriend.
You know, the boyfriend I'm gonna be with forever, the boyfriend who jokes with me about making babies, the boyfriend who makes up the only other body and soul I share my life and bed with and would ever want to.
It's the worst part all over again, when I really (naively) thought we were safe. When I think about it, it's not that I just want to hear the news, because there's a good chance it'll be bad, and that's the part I'm worrying about. But the worrying hurts like a bitch because I don't know whether to chill the fuck out because everything's gonna be okay, or to start preparing myself for what is going to feel like a cliff dive.



Made from a red t-shirt that belonged to my late grandmother.

As you can see, using a knit had an interesting effect: the front and back layers were cut with the grain perpendicular, so they stretched different directions when I put the stuffing in, creating a bowed effect.

Crotch shot so you can see his little feeties.


DIY: Imitation Free People Crochet Headband

Back in early December my boyfriend made me walk with him around the mall and show him things I liked, because he didn't know what to get me for Christmas. (It felt like cheating, but thankfully he got me nothing I pointed to, so I guess it was fair.) Anyway, During this excursion we went into Free People, where I found a knit head wrap with crochet flowers on it that looked surprisingly cute on me:

... but it was $28. I didn't feel like shelling out thirty bucks on a headband. BUT the other day I checked in on Threadbanger's latest DIY videos, and lo and behold, a tutorial on how to crochet a headband:

I embarked on a project (complete with iced coffee and See's chocolate nearby):

JUST so everyone knows, flower appliques are IMPOSSIBLE to crochet, and anyone who makes them is a liar because a quadruple crochet stitch can't be done. Since I can't figure it out. After giving up on countless videos, including a really awful Threadbanger one (usually they rock, but this one was just terrible; most of their YouTube comments agree with me), I fudged some sort of frilly circular things that can pass for something floral, and tied them on.

Here is my cat, modeling the final product:

I saved the best part for last. The price!: