Pumpkin of Coconut Gables

My family's dearly beloved Basset Hound, Pumpkin, recently had an episode where she couldn't walk right. She didn't seem to be in pain, but her back legs stopped "working."

The town Veterinarian said it was something about inflammation, pinched nerve, somethingsomething, you know to be honest I'm not really sure exactly what caused it. But the long and short of it (GET IT?!?! BECAUSE SHE'S A BASSET HOUND.) is that it made her legs go sort of "floppy." That's a technical description from the Lady of the manor (my Mom). The Vet gave Pumpkin a round of anti-inflammatory medicine and said no-no to rambunctious play. And she doesn't have to go for brisk walks anymore (which she sort of despised, anyway). In fact, if she had difficulty keeping up on walks before, she's useless now. According to my parents, she would be enthusiastic about going, but halfway across the shire (well, neighborhood) she'd have to stop, and could not endure to go any further ... or back. That is rather an inconvenience to your humans when you are a 50+ lb. dog.

Oh, my! you say. What a poor doggie! And what a dilemma. How ever did they solve this problem?

Never fear!! My crafty father made her a special wagon with a ramp for ease of entry and debarkation. 

Actually, scratch that: it is a freaking fancy-ass carriage.
It is the Barouche, nay, the Landau of stylish doggie carriages.

And forever thence, Pumpkin of Coconut Gables traveled with style and dignity.