It's coming!

It's really jarring to look at my calendar's to-do list and see only "Call Work"; "Pack"; and "Move-In Day."

The latest crop of modeling photos.

I'm starting to feel like I'm making progress. When I first got inspired to try my hand at modeling (thanks to participation in a shoot with Anna, for her portfolio, and the strong opinion of my friends that I should model for American Apparel), I had to politely ask my friends with nice cameras if they would take pictures of me. I started building a portfolio, taking note of what poses flatter me. I posted them on my modeling network page (modelmayhem.com/gnat), and made "friendships" with local photographers.

Soon, local photographers were contacting ME, instead of the other way around! Previously, I have paid the requested fee to have photos taken by Beth Souza (modelmayhem.com/BLSimaging), but this time she easily agreed to do it for the price of film, per my suggestion. I'm supposed to have another TFCD / TFP (time for prints) shoot on Sunday, also photographer's suggestion. No word on time/place yet, though.

Anyway, here are some results from yesterday's shoot with Beth:



(Just finished the movie Humboldt County and feelin' a lil' nostalgic.)




Old friend

I just wish I could tell him that things are only bad if you don't do them yourself, and that the world opens if you let it. Not to be your own life's obstacles.

Hopefully soon this will all become clear.


Meet Kpop's newest fan.

I have to preface this by saying I know next to nothing about Korea (except that Kim Jong Il is one crazy sonofabitch). I don't know a single word in Korean, I'm not sure why there is a North and a South, and I certainly wasn't aware that Koreans make some of the catchiest damn dance music, rivaling that of Lady GaGa (I swear!).

Also, I didn't know they loved hip hop moves so much. Bajillion-member boy group (well, thirteen, I guess, but according to their Wikipedia page that makes them the largest boy band in the world) Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" video is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I can't understand anything but "sorry sorry" in the song, obviously, and yet it has been superglued in my head all day. I love the perky dance that goes with it, and I wish they'd bust this shit out at a club, 'cause I'd be all up on that. It's so cute.

I tried my best to turn up my nose at Asian pop music (I mean, a LOT of it is really cringe-worthy) but alas, I lost the fight. I am a fan.