Crystal shopping: a fairy tale

On Monday, Moonrise Herbs posted a photo on their facebook page with a caption highlighting the beneficial properties of Fluorite:

"Fluorite cystallizes in the form of masses, grains, columns, cubes, octahedra, and rhumbdodecahedra cyrstals. The color range includes pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, magenta, red black, colorles, and shades of all.
This mineral produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth. It emits an energy which can be used to stabilize and to produce order within the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems. It can be used to bring order to chaos.
It increases the ability to concentrate, balancing the positive and negative relationships of the mind. It helps one to see both reality and truth behind illusion.
It is excellent in helping one to understand the balances intrinsic to relationships. It provides for a stabilizing energy, helping relationships, groups, and individuals to flourish in the realm of that which is beneficial to all.
It also encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being. It provides for purification, cleansing, and elimination of that which is in disorder. It can be used to dispell disorders at the commencement of the symptoms."

I decided immediately I needed a chunk in my life, so I opened a new tab and headed for a site where I had previously bought Moonstone with very happy results, exquisitecrystals.com. Lo and behold, you can get a chunk about the size of a nickel for a whopping two bucks.

How much is shipping, though, you ask? Ready yourself: FREE. How there is any profit involved here is beyond me; I'm not good at math. So anyway, I ordered an octohedron of Fluorite Sunday night and was notified it shipped on Monday, the 27th.

Today, Wednesday the 29th, I came home, and my roommate said, "oh, you have a package." Que?! Well, it was a part for my broken blender that I ordered a week ago. NO, silly, I'm just kidding, of course it was my Fluorite! My crystal arrived bubble-wrapped in a bubble mailer.

Not only that, but the envelope was sealed with an inspiring Confucius quote;

when I opened it, I found a FREEBIE (!);

and John, whom I presume to be the owner, thanked me personally, hand-written.

I am gobsmacked. Buying crystals from this site is hands-down the best online ordering experience. If you need crystals for any reason (because you're a jeweler? just a rock enthusiast?), John is your man.



Future Fambo & Lufly "All Out" Music Video

I had the privilege of working with artists Lufly and Future Fambo for the video for their song "All Out." I'm the "annoyed neighbor" in the beginning and one of the dancers (the "end butt," as my Mom called it).