Thanks, Matt

I just don't know what to do with myself.

I like:

Chicago on Broadway
... and pretending I'm a rockstar
Getting angry about
- religion
- politics
- religion in politics
Organic, natural, sustainable, recycled products
American Apparel
Fresh foods
Public Transportation
Hating Greek organizations
(well, appreciating individuality and uniqueness and originality)
Art galleries
Minor theft for shits'n'giggles
The Pacific Ocean
Screwing with signage
Street art
Broadway Dance Center
Buffalo Exchange
Tahitian dance
Chick singers
Free condoms
Hip Hop

I am:

Short on patience
Libertarian, pretty much
Unafraid to be proven wrong
Often wrong
Depressed in the Spring
Somtimes this:
- skanky
- stanky
- "immoral"
- overconfident
- self-conscious
- passionate
- blase
- irrational
- hypocritical
- irreverent
- bitchy
- bisexual
- ungrateful
- inconsiderate
A drinker but not a smoker
Pierced but not tattooed
Open to new ideas
Somewhat acculturated
White ... on the outside
An Ally
Politically Incorrect
Self-analyzing and -criticizing
Unique ... I hope.


Today Clement and I cleaned up the mess left in the quad by the day's activities of fraternities and sororities. There were at least fifteen coffee cups and thirty cans & bottles, not to mention a towel, an umbrella, a cereal box, a pile of water balloons, and various snack wrappers. Every time I looked outside I was disgusted, and realized that no one was cleaning it up, or was going to. So, during a lull in the rain, I decided to do it (and Clement, being Clement, dutifully helped me out, taking over the recyclables). Maybe eight people in total saw us do it, none of them Greek; so, as a publicity stunt, it wouldn't have worked. To make a point, it was useless. I cross my fingers for karma.

The thing is, when confronted about it, every member pointed their finger at a different organization. Don't sororities and fraternities front like their purpose is community service? I'm sorry, even though cupcake sales and dunk booths are nice, the meaning of community service is lost if you don't even care about your immediate community, your school.

The first offense is leaving all that garbage to rot on our benches and litter the campus with plastic. The second offense is not one person bothering to clean it up. It took us two people all of fifteen minutes to pick it all up, and we didn't even get to join in the fun today. In fact, the Greek races and tug-of-wars outside my window distracted me, frustratingly, from a report I was writing.

I just got tired of looking at it, so I picked it up.

As I told Megan, in my previous post, the blame game doesn't accomplish anything. I may be the loser for cleaning up today, because not only was it not in my self-interest, but the Greeks "got off the hook." But guess what, the task got done once somebody stopped complaining and got to work.

I stand by my statement that anyone with Greek letters on them needs to grow up; all participated, and yet none took it upon themselves to make sure the quad was clean; therefore all are guilty.

Greek Week

Me: "Dear Greeks,
Please clean up your huge fucking mess in the quad.
a freelance individual"

Meg and Sam Like this.

C. W.: "too true!"

Me: "anyone with Greek letters on them needs to grow up"

Meg: "i'm pretty sure there are people who aren't in sororities or fraternities that have made messes on the quad , and/or have bumped into others without apologizing. please don't stereotype the members of a fraternity or a sorority in their entirety because of the behavior of a FEW members, because speaking for myself, i most certainly didn't leave a mess in the quad and i sure as hell wouldv'e said sorry if i bumped into anyone. Thanks ♥"

Me: "I would like to suggest that if a person didn't want to be stereotyped or associated with a group whose purpose is to be associated strongly with one another, a sorority or fraternity is not the place for them. Secondly, I believe all participants in an event are responsible for its cleanup. The blame game never gets anything done; action does.

you're welcome, for cleaning it up ♥"

I didn't address the bumping-into comment, but if we are thinking of the same incident, she's wrong there, too. It is common courtesy, if you are walking in a line of three or four people on a sidewalk, for one person to fall behind to allow passage of someone walking in the opposite direction. But, recognizing that such a group approaching me on the sidewalk was wearing Greek letters, I expected no common courtesy. Instead of yielding, I stood my ground, and obviously a shoulder collision resulted.

I feel no remorse.


I left Nick's class because it's stupid

I don't have any other options! What other option do I have but to be a Dance major?
A full scholarship for dance is a blessing, right ... but at the same time, it's constricting. It's too good of a deal to let go of, so I don't have the freedom to switch majors as I please or to look into transferring schools. It's too much to lose.

The other thing about majoring in what I like is that it ruins it for me. I remember my Kindergarten days when I loved books; and then I remember my elementary school days where I almost stopped reading books altogether because it wasn't fun anymore, because they forced us to do it at school. Dance, like reading was for me, has become nothing more than a chore I'm bound to--and in this case, by money. I don't even have the option of slacking off and getting crappy grades, because then I lose my scholarship.

So every day I'm supposed to act passionate about doing something that's really just been decided for me because I don't have any better ideas. I have never woken up in the morning and felt like dancing. I think this is a sad situation.


Crappy Easter

Matzo is like a giant saltine, minus the salt part, that turns into a desert in your mouth. Mmm.

So even my Jewish roommate is having an Easter lunch with her boyfriend's family. My boyfriend's family, thankfully, is Buddhist. But I'm currently sitting in my sweatpants, alone in my dorm, eating Nutella on her leftover matzo and feeling sorry for myself while avoiding doing anything productive. I was scheduled for work today, but apparently my boss didn't get the memo that the mall is closed so the world can thank a zombie for takin' the hit for their sins, or something like that. I showed up at Roosevelt Field on the Adelphi shuttle and then spent 15 or so minutes shivering in the Atlantic winds waiting for the next one.

Agnostic Kaitlynn across the hall went to church with her roommate for the free food afterward. If I'd known I didn't actually have work I could have gone and mooched as well ... all in the name of Jesus, of course.