Proudest Thrift Store Finds

The chain on this vintage kisslock purse broke a while back, so after I repaired it I strung hemp twine through it for reinforcement. It's one of my favorites, ever.
Yeah, that's my footprint on these real wood and leather wedges. I wore them to death. They were $13 at Secrets inside Mamo Mart.
Size L, required a small seam intake, easy stuff.
An amazing book for $0.65!
This sheer white blouse scrunches up at the bottom and flounces out a little.

There was a small tear in the slit at the top, which my daddy repaired with that little triangle from the inside hem.

Vintage Hawaiian dress from the '60s. It's sort of difficult to wear seriously, but I love the fabric.
A genuine Coach handbag ... for $3. One of the straps was damaged, but fixable.

This is really nothing special, and the lid is missing, but I think it's pretty. I bought it for flower arranging class.
People really like this dress when I wear it. It's Rampage brand, but it's probably from the '90s.
This one's really good quality! No brand label, but it's well-sewn and lined.
The Salvation Army is my go-to for really great vintage belts.
A little PVC Asian-print clutch ...
... never used.


my life is stupid

I'm here because I don't know what else to do.

Things I like about school:
- Clement
- my friends
- the train station is close
- bunnies
- squirrels
- pretty trees
- Dr. Les Baltimore
- Professor Costello
- Professor Axelrod
- Earle has an elevator
- free condoms
- free shuttle
- Mirirai's Coffeehouses
- ...

What I hate about school:
- everything else.



My body feels like my particles built a wall. I'm holding him but I'm not melting into him.

Time heals all wounds, time heals all wounds.