PSA: 4th Floor Girls

If you pee by squatting over the toilet bowl, YOU DO NOT NEED THE SEAT.
I'm tired of you bitches with terrible aim pissing all over the seat, rendering it unusable by those of us who know your filthy cell phone has more germs than the average toilet seat, and actually sit on the damn thing.
Put the seat up, dirty despicable females.


Dear Indie Hipster Musicians,

Please put down your ukuleles.





I get pretty emotional during Sacre du Printemps. When Meg/Arielle is running around exposed I almost cry, nearly every run, which is saying a lot because I've seen the show repeatedly.

I also cry at the thought of my cat Bob dying while I'm away at college. I hope that never happens.

And I feel like crying because I bought myself a toy at Urban Outfitters that I don't even like anymore, and the Toys 4 Tots drive starts tomorrow, and I wish I never opened it so I could donate it.