I left Nick's class because it's stupid

I don't have any other options! What other option do I have but to be a Dance major?
A full scholarship for dance is a blessing, right ... but at the same time, it's constricting. It's too good of a deal to let go of, so I don't have the freedom to switch majors as I please or to look into transferring schools. It's too much to lose.

The other thing about majoring in what I like is that it ruins it for me. I remember my Kindergarten days when I loved books; and then I remember my elementary school days where I almost stopped reading books altogether because it wasn't fun anymore, because they forced us to do it at school. Dance, like reading was for me, has become nothing more than a chore I'm bound to--and in this case, by money. I don't even have the option of slacking off and getting crappy grades, because then I lose my scholarship.

So every day I'm supposed to act passionate about doing something that's really just been decided for me because I don't have any better ideas. I have never woken up in the morning and felt like dancing. I think this is a sad situation.

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