Crappy Easter

Matzo is like a giant saltine, minus the salt part, that turns into a desert in your mouth. Mmm.

So even my Jewish roommate is having an Easter lunch with her boyfriend's family. My boyfriend's family, thankfully, is Buddhist. But I'm currently sitting in my sweatpants, alone in my dorm, eating Nutella on her leftover matzo and feeling sorry for myself while avoiding doing anything productive. I was scheduled for work today, but apparently my boss didn't get the memo that the mall is closed so the world can thank a zombie for takin' the hit for their sins, or something like that. I showed up at Roosevelt Field on the Adelphi shuttle and then spent 15 or so minutes shivering in the Atlantic winds waiting for the next one.

Agnostic Kaitlynn across the hall went to church with her roommate for the free food afterward. If I'd known I didn't actually have work I could have gone and mooched as well ... all in the name of Jesus, of course.

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