Greek Week

Me: "Dear Greeks,
Please clean up your huge fucking mess in the quad.
a freelance individual"

Meg and Sam Like this.

C. W.: "too true!"

Me: "anyone with Greek letters on them needs to grow up"

Meg: "i'm pretty sure there are people who aren't in sororities or fraternities that have made messes on the quad , and/or have bumped into others without apologizing. please don't stereotype the members of a fraternity or a sorority in their entirety because of the behavior of a FEW members, because speaking for myself, i most certainly didn't leave a mess in the quad and i sure as hell wouldv'e said sorry if i bumped into anyone. Thanks ♥"

Me: "I would like to suggest that if a person didn't want to be stereotyped or associated with a group whose purpose is to be associated strongly with one another, a sorority or fraternity is not the place for them. Secondly, I believe all participants in an event are responsible for its cleanup. The blame game never gets anything done; action does.

you're welcome, for cleaning it up ♥"

I didn't address the bumping-into comment, but if we are thinking of the same incident, she's wrong there, too. It is common courtesy, if you are walking in a line of three or four people on a sidewalk, for one person to fall behind to allow passage of someone walking in the opposite direction. But, recognizing that such a group approaching me on the sidewalk was wearing Greek letters, I expected no common courtesy. Instead of yielding, I stood my ground, and obviously a shoulder collision resulted.

I feel no remorse.

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