DIY: Mesh Chainmail dress, shopwasteland.com's "Chloe"

So I saw this dress from Wasteland clothing and I said, dayumn I like that dress. 
But then I looked at how much it cost.

I do not believe in that dress for $135.

So I made one myself.

For $13.

(Well, I don't know how much my labor cost me; I already have sort of a lot of free time, and I never sleep until 4 a.m. anyway, so let's just say it cost me one needle-shoved-up-my-fingernail. Yeah, Chinese torture happened in the making of this dress. I don't have a sewing machine, so I hand-stitched this motherfabric. Bro you don't even know.)


I even did her awkward little poses. I had a beer first.

I admit this one was the hardest ...

Fabric: Fulton Fabric, 398 Bridge St  Brooklyn, NY
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike
Jewelry: pendant by my father!
Hair: I grew it, that's what it does

- the end -

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