Meet Kpop's newest fan.

I have to preface this by saying I know next to nothing about Korea (except that Kim Jong Il is one crazy sonofabitch). I don't know a single word in Korean, I'm not sure why there is a North and a South, and I certainly wasn't aware that Koreans make some of the catchiest damn dance music, rivaling that of Lady GaGa (I swear!).

Also, I didn't know they loved hip hop moves so much. Bajillion-member boy group (well, thirteen, I guess, but according to their Wikipedia page that makes them the largest boy band in the world) Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" video is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I can't understand anything but "sorry sorry" in the song, obviously, and yet it has been superglued in my head all day. I love the perky dance that goes with it, and I wish they'd bust this shit out at a club, 'cause I'd be all up on that. It's so cute.

I tried my best to turn up my nose at Asian pop music (I mean, a LOT of it is really cringe-worthy) but alas, I lost the fight. I am a fan.

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