The latest crop of modeling photos.

I'm starting to feel like I'm making progress. When I first got inspired to try my hand at modeling (thanks to participation in a shoot with Anna, for her portfolio, and the strong opinion of my friends that I should model for American Apparel), I had to politely ask my friends with nice cameras if they would take pictures of me. I started building a portfolio, taking note of what poses flatter me. I posted them on my modeling network page (modelmayhem.com/gnat), and made "friendships" with local photographers.

Soon, local photographers were contacting ME, instead of the other way around! Previously, I have paid the requested fee to have photos taken by Beth Souza (modelmayhem.com/BLSimaging), but this time she easily agreed to do it for the price of film, per my suggestion. I'm supposed to have another TFCD / TFP (time for prints) shoot on Sunday, also photographer's suggestion. No word on time/place yet, though.

Anyway, here are some results from yesterday's shoot with Beth:

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  1. natalie, you are gorgeous! i love the last one. it reminds me of snow white!