New Far East Movement Video.

The newly premiered Far East Movement music video for their single "So What?" features barely-clothed (and I do mean barely; one of the swimsuits is just short of some sort of S&M lingerie) models rubbing themselves with Pepto Bismol and dancing on a stove.

... Yeah, a stove.

What the FUCK are they trying to say here? That women should get naked and get their hot bare asses back into the kitchen? Because look, it's so much fun! Cooking is a fucking sexy party every day! Your job as a female is to be a hot ass and make me some toast (see video re:toast).

I used to dig FEM because 1) Asians making waves in pop culture is exciting, 2) "Like A G6" is catchy, and 3) "Rocketeer" is kind of sweet (short video).

I think the band is trying to appeal to not only the club/dance/hip hop music scene, which they definitely are with the naked chicks and the swagger, but to a KPop fan base as well. If you've looked at a T.O.P. video lately ("Turn It Up"), you'll notice Korea getting raunchier with their vids. Which of course I think is Korea trying to be more like America. Vicious fucking cycle.

Anyway, I'm not impressed, Far East Movement. More like offended.


  1. why is far east movement not allowed to hang with hot women? i like the video. so what

  2. Anon, did you read any of what I had to say? Because it doesn't seem like it. Of course they're allowed to hang out with hot women. I like hot women too. But I disapprove of the sexist message of this video.