August Thrift Store Finds

Sparkly Pegasus sweatshirt from Beacon's Closet

Men's J. Crew oxford from Buffalo Exchange, to which I added DIY shoulder cut-outs.
I learned how to do it here.

A chunky wood-and-neon-plastic necklace from Savers. Pretty last season, but hey, I'm always a little last-season.

A white embellished tank from Buff Ex; basic with a little something extra.

Tan silk blouse from Savers.

Ivory silk blouse, also from Savers. And a glimpse of the studded side-zip booties I bought at Buffalo Exchange the other day, too.

The silk blouses were inspired by the American Apparel one I can't afford.

Nice duds for the new school year, huh? Also be sure to check out my lookbook blog.

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